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Phorid trigger bug


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It is really frustrating that this topic was archived, and yet the bug it discussed wasn't fixed (cough FOR YEARS! cough cough). Please fix this bug. It would be fairly simple to have the boss fight trigger as soon as anyone (or, if you absolutely must, everyone) is in the boss tile. It is VERY annoying dancing around trying to find the right invisible spot to trigger the boss fight, particularly on a mission that could otherwise be done in 1 1/2 to 2 minutes or even less. I get the impression that a rework is coming, but a quick fix on the trigger would require minimal effort in the meantime.

I love this game. It really has ruined me for all other RPG/shooter games (now that I've seen how fast paced this type of game should be, and how movement should feel). But, I would love if you guys would focus a bit more on bug fixes and a bit less on new content. As much as I love and want new content, what good is new content if the game doesn't work properly?

You guys are amazing, and at the many times when your game is working I love to point out Warframe and DE to people as a point of national pride. And, I really value the fact that DE is considered one of the best places to work in Canada. Thanks DE, you guys rock.


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