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Campaign Coop Missions


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!!Sorry for the long post in advance!!


This is just an idea i thought about to improve the overall Team/ coop play with other players and clan members and expand the end game content:



>> The campaign is a series of randomly selected missions (5 missions) from a planet of your choosing.

>> The missions will be randomly chosen by a generator and can include all mission types.

>> The last mission would be the Bossfight form that particular planet.

>> The difficulty is linked to the planet choice. And each subsequent mission gets progressively harder



The first mission on Mercury starts at lvl 10 and the fifth mission is at lvl 50 with Capt. Vor as boss

The first mission on Pluto starts at lvl 90 and the fifth mission is at lvl 130 with Ambulas as boss.


My thoughts behind this:

This is to get the players to group up for a longer period of time which is especially interesting for clan building and give the players a better opportunity to get to know each other (extended playtime)


Team building and coop play:

>> Before you can start a campaign you have to create a team with your friends clan mates or random people from chat.

>> At the beginning of the campaign every team member has to choose their Warframe and weapons since these will be locked for the duration of whole campaign after you have started the first mission.


Because any mission type can occur during the campaign you need to find a good balance in Warframes mods and weaponry within your team.


>> At the beginning of each mission every Member will be assigned a specific role which is randomly selected. (If It’s random there won’t be any bickering and fight of who gets to do what)



This person gets 5 Group healing and 7 Revives into his inventory. He is the only one in the group who can revive and heal others.



Gets 5 fast Hacking tools and 5 Group shield into his inventory and is the only one who can access consoles to open up doors or get spy samples.


Ammo Support:

Gets 5 Group ammo packs of each ammo type into his inventory.

No ammo will be dropped from enemies during missions so ammo conservation is key, encouraging more melee play.


Energy and Damage support:

Gets 10 FULL (100%) energy globes and 10 Damage boost globes he can spawn for his teammates to pick up. (Energy will be dropped by enemies but rarely  (Necro could help out with this problem)


My thoughts behind this:

These mechanics are force the players to work beter together and not have one of them rush off through the mission to complete it and leaving the others behind. You depend on each other to open doors, revive, support and protect.

Also since you do not know what missions you will face the group needs to find a good balance in Warframes and weapons and auras. You can meet 4 Def missions or 2 surv, 1 def, 1 ext or other. So a good communication is key here.



>> After each mission you have accomplished you get a normal mission reward which scales with the difficulty ofc.

>> At completion of the whole campaign there would be a second reward will be something awesome like a rare item, Rare Key, Blueprint …..

>>In addition to this Rare item you will also get X amount of a resource you can usually find at the planet, the amount also scales with the difficulty of the mission and or X Affinity for your mastery rank.

>> If 3 / 4 people come from the same clan then their clan gets a Reputation reward or something


Mercury: You get a random rare mod + 5000 Ferrite and/or 10 Morphics and or 500 Affinity

Pluto: You get a random rare mod + 20000 Alloy Plates and/or 30 Morphics and/or 2000 Affinity


(All rewards, scaling, values did are just estimates to make my idea easier to understand)


My thoughts behind this:

Whilst affinity and Mods are more personal rewards, this could be a good way for clans to gather resources for their Dojo and get clan rep.


All in all I think that this could be easily implemented into the game since it takes existing elements and only adds a few restraints and restrictions to them.


Any questions?

What are your guys opinions to this idea?

I would gladly hear any criteria, suggestions or improvements?


Cheers and sorry for the long post again

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Can't find it right now, but a similar "Cells" endgame idea had 500+ up votes.

It may not be your choice of title, just that we've seen the idea before.


I honestly don't mean that in a snarky way, just that it hasn't happened yet, and it was a very poplar idea before now.

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Not a bad idea, though I'd go with a lighter level up curve over the 5 missions as players are unlikely to actually gain that many levels.  Maybe just a something like an increase of 10 levels or 30% of the current level (which ever is higher).


Also the materal rewards are kinda on the high end, maybe reduce the amount but guarenteed, so something like a uncommmon/rare mods (uncomon for lower level campaigns),  5 rare materials, 500 uncommon materials and 1000 common materials.  Though have the missions themselves have double or tripple material drop chances.


I personally dont care for the roles part either, aspects of roles should be inherant to the warframes themselves (more cohesive offerings for the groups as a whole not just for this feature), not some tacked on feature. Making players plan around working togeather in their warframe builds and take resources as needed will be up to the group itself.  Afterall it will be a premade group (so you will be able to have some discussions on loadouts and roles), not just random players thrown togeather and saying nothing.

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All the values i put in are very fictional and need to be balanced ofc. But this would be up to the DE if they ever decide to implement this idea.
I like your idea of increasing the drop chance of resources. Although the total gathered resources should be given out at the end of the campaign to avoid the players from jumping off before the last mission.
It is not necessary to have the rolls, that is true.
The reason I suggested the roles is to create a higher level of dependency between players to increase the actual coop play in a team, so you can only beat this mod if you play together. and also make the end game play more difficult for high end players.
Nothing is more scary than the thought of losing the only person who can revive, or the only guy who can open the doors for you, so naturally you try to protect each other more efficiently. If you do not add the rolls, the gameplay would'nt be much different to a regular mission imo.
But there might be better solutions to do this.

I am just looking for a solution to stop players from rushing through missions without any concern of their teammates, and making missions more chalanging for high lvl gameplay.

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Great suggestion! DE should reward you if ever they implement this. maybe we can pick the number of missions we can run to improve rare drop probability or better yet for the hardest difficulty setting you get to pick 1 from 5 random rare items that way rng won't screw you that much and you feel rewarded for doing a really difficult mission.

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Great suggestion! DE should reward you if ever they implement this. maybe we can pick the number of missions we can run to improve rare drop probability or better yet for the hardest difficulty setting you get to pick 1 from 5 random rare items that way rng won't screw you that much and you feel rewarded for doing a really difficult mission.

Thank you for the kind words ^^

Choosing the number of missions would add an extra challenge for more advanced players. Maybe even give the players the option to do the whole planet system which would be up to 20+ mission for some planets. But to make this rewarding i think the DE should implement an Achievement system also with clan Achievements so there would be some competition between clans on who manages to finish Pluto full campaign first.


I’m not much of a fan of the option that you can choose your rare items though. It would take the rarity out of rare mods IMO.

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