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Ker, Ceres has an out-of-bounds area that shouldn’t be there


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When going into a certain area (specifically, the closest corner to the left of the ramp that takes you to the south side of the Mainframe room), there is a weird out-of-bounds area that clearly doesn’t look like it’s supposed to be out-of-bounds.

It's fairly straightforward: go put the payload into the mainframe, then go towards the specific area. I don't expect it to drop me out of bounds, but it does.

I have a recording of this issue below:


While it doesn't show it in this video, sometimes there by by resources that are in or around that area and it might end up being annoyingly difficult to grab. If that spot has be out-of-bounds, then I don't think the resource containers should spawn around there at all.

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Added a bit more information.
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