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Nourish Strike doesn't amplify final damage toxin proc damage with scaling damage abilities


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I've been doing some testing with Grendel's Regurgitate and Nourish strike, it seems the Toxin damage proc calculates from the base damage only and not the final damage after the level scaling calculation. I don't have the luxury to test this with Nourish Strike + Vauban's nail grenade, but I think it's affected aswell.

According to my tests. Regurgitate deals 6.6k toxin damage against level 135 Exo Raiders (fully armoured) with Nourish Strike active. If the wiki description is correct (50% Toxin Damage per second with no toxin mods or faction mods), the toxin proc should deal around 3.3k damage per second, but on the test it only deals 800 and in some instances ~69 per second.

So please, take your time to fix this.





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