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Fan Created Syndicate Lore Entries (Abandoned)


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Hello. I have decided to abandon this project for both personal reasons and the fact that it was far less successful than I hoped it to be. I don't think what I was writing was what people wanted and I just don't see the point in continuing now. I'm going to retool this idea and maybe come back at a later date. I have deleted the entry because I don't think it was up to my writing standards and not what people wanted. If anyone is super curious you can message me and I can send it over. 


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I would consider fan syndicate lore to be more at home in the Roleplaying/World building section of the forum, unless you have rules for making community generated narratives easier for [DE] to moderate and adopt in game. I can immediately see a big problem coming in when a player/contributer wants to have an analog of a contemporary character from some other franchise as an entity in their story, and then [DE] gets a Cease and Desist letter from the publisher of said contemporary analog's source character.

Moreover, as disjointed as it is, [DE] have themes and central story lines that they work to maintain the uniqueness of. The art direction is a big part of that, and the rules for Tennogen submissions requires a level of technical and thematic conformance before they will be considered for adoption into the game. Have rules for Tennogen Narrative system would make that cool. They could even introduce the stories as something akin to Kurina or Cephylon fragments during syndicate mission.

I don't have any ideas for what the Tennogen narrative rules should be, so sorry for adding a new obsticale to your idea to make more canon syndicate content. I do like your piece about Corven, hope it can become something bigger.

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