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Railjack - control customizations broken


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Railjack control customization is ignored.  When piloting or using a turret the game uses control bindings from General.

Dismount is hard-bound to A.
Aim is hard-bound to ZL.
Sprint/Boost does not appear to work. [Apparently Boost requires a Piloting Rank 1 Intrinsic and it does work] While pressing forward on the L-stick I hear a repeating *chunk* and power-up sound either like it's activating forward movement over and over or it's attempt to enter Boost and failing.

Other commands appear to be similarly hard-bound and can't be changed or prevent rebound controls from activating.


The Look and Aim Sensitivity sliders don't appear to work.  Though I'm also unsure what "(Controller)" and "(Controller Scoped)" is supposed to indicate.  I use a Pro Controller and didn't notice any difference regardless of the setting.


Additionally, the Railjack camera customization options do not have a proper header, and are just lumped into the bottom of the Archwing options.



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