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Silent Rocket Launcher/ Noisy Dart Gun


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The Ogris and the Acrid.

I know that with a recent update that the Acrid recently lost its ability to be silent, and I thought, "That doesn't make any sense, that Between a rocket launcher and a dart gun, the dart gun makes more noise."

Don't get me wrong, I like the idea of a silent rocket launcher, but if either of these weapons should lose it's silence capability it should be the Ogris.

I hope that the Acrid regains it's silence capabilities in the next update, because if either of these two weapons needs to be modded for silence it should be the Ogris and not the Acrid.


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Ogris it self is silent(u can't hear gears or anything that charge rocket from far away like 10 meters), but the rocket shouldn't be and on the impact it should generate quite a bang.

Acrid hmm is hard (idk what makes a sound) but i guess anything that get hit by it, it will suffer from toxin and will alarm if possible other.

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