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New Operator Naramon Pose and no school Poses


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Hi Tennos,


New Naramon Stance: Rather standing as a misshaped and back problems suffering softy could you not rather replace it:

Basic position like the one of Harrow, followed by a reflective movement to the forehead (similar to Ash’s noble movement) and in the end a fast movement with a victorious finger snip before returning to the outgoing position.

Would look more appropriate for a tactical, reflective school as the one right now.

Admitting that one could change to another one, yet that doesn’t change the softy stances and as out the quiz Naramon was the first school for me. Yeah self-motivated. 😉


New ,not school, related Poses?

A basic of couple of not school related Poses, maybe added as bonus to certain quests (if already done then one will have them immediatly).


Best regards

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