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Sharpshooter for bows


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For reference, I am talking about this mod:


It's a really interesting mod for certain builds, for example I use it with Ivara on Vectis Prime, as it let's me recover some energy while in Prowl. However, with Ivara's whole archery theme and all, I really, really wish this mod would also be usable on bows. Daikyu + Nikana Prime + Sharpshooter would be my dream loadout for Ivara. As for any worries what this would mean for Artemis, yeah you would be able to use the bow indefinitely, which however would be no different from many other exalted weapons (Hildryn can run entire missions entirely with Balefire Launchers) nor any regular bow (which uses ammo but you get plenty back plus can always put a mutation in the pexilus slot).

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Now I wanna play bows. I'm usually inclined to use regular weapons (like Soma), but nothing beats the magnificence of gracefully hitting the enemy with an arrow straight in the face. Specially Paris, since I love the thought of that needle-like arrow piercing the Grineer right through their armor/masks. Great weapons for no-rush mode.

Though, seeing as this mod is likely a way to encourage players to use snipers, and that bows are said to be just as overlooked by the community, it's not an unreasonable request at all if you ask me.

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