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Warframe crash renders computer unusable until reset


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I have recently bought a new computer and was beginning to worry it was an issue with one of my new components until a friend sent a link to a comment in Rahetalius Discord server that this same exact issue is happening to other players.

My system
CPU Ryzen 3800x (No OC)
GPU Gigabyte RTX 2070 Super Gaming OC 3x (Stock OC)
Motherboard x570 Aorus pro wifi
RAM Corsair 16gb 3600 mhz (using XMP1 Profile)

I experienced 3 crashes last week as below

1st - While doing Proifttaker
2nd - After Profittaker while changing loadout
3rd - After idling in Simulacrum for about an hour (had to leave my pc and when I came back WF had crashed)

At first the computer will start freezing for while every few seconds, then Warframe crashes, but the computer will keep freezing to the point of being unusable and i have to restart (mostly hard reset as doing much else is time consuming)

No high temps are detected at that point, but I noticed that the event viewer is logged the below error messages. Also i run Wallpaper engine in the background and after the crash I could notice artifacts all over my desktop as well




"The description for Event ID 14 from source nvlddmkm cannot be found. Either the component that raises this event is not installed on your local computer or the installation is corrupted. You can install or repair the component on the local computer."

Followed by WARNING (a few until the computer is restarted)


"Display driver nvlddmkm stopped responding and has successfully recovered."

I suspected i got a faulty GPU (since i had updated windows, all drivers and mobo bios) and was about to RMA the thing (even thouh no stress test, benchmark or other game was able to replicate the issue) when a friend of mine pointed me to a post on Rahetalius discord server with the below text

"Railjack PSA: do not start a mission or return to dry dock if you are not host, as of currently it can not only in rare case crash your game, but cause a graphics card issue that renders your computer unusable."

Discord Post: https://discordapp.com/channels/535047651281076225/535059484939255809/666683842798551060


This is describing my issue perfectly even though i never related it to Railjack it may well be that i had been playing railjack during the sessions where the crashes happened but cant confirm

I created a support ticket but got this highly unsatisfactory response



We found some errors in your log which is the cause of your problem, and, unfortunately, those errors do not pinpoint to one problem.

There are many possible causes:

1 - The graphic drivers are corrupt, re-install them from your PC/Laptop makers website and use Display Driver Uninstaller to clean the residue before reinstalling it.

2 - If you have a PC and you know what you're doing, open up the case cover and check the power connections to your video device - re-seat if necessary. Also clean out (with compressed air) your power supply.

3 - If your PC is quite old, your power supply may be on its way to the great power supply bone yard - have it checked out;

4 - Downclock overclocked graphic card

5 - Overheating issue

6 - The graphic card is dying slowly, replace it

Alternatively, if you are willing to sacrifice some visual quality and special effects without having your PC checked out, you can also try to tune Graphics quality Preset under Display tab to Medium or LOW at in-game Options.

Hope this helps. Thank you for supporting Warframe!


1 - This is a fresh windows install with the latest Nvidia drivers

2- Brand new computer, every component is working correctly and is clean (apart from this WF issue)

3 - PC IS NEW (This is clearly a copy-paste response)

4 - Now non-stock OC done to the card, all default values (also specified)

5 - No high temps recorded

6 - New card... so no, it is not dying

And also, I will not sacrifice visual quality on my new rig when I didn't have to on my 5 year old one for the game to work properly.

Will try to keep testing out stuff to see if it gets resolved, though in a week i had only three crashes and have better stuff to do than constantly wait for WF to crash, but honestly this is turning me off WF big time, I dont want to grind for over an hour in a mission to have it suddenly crash and lose everything, also, i don't like having to hard reset my computer as a sport.

Looking for other people who may have experienced something similar so we can get some traction and get this properly looked at.

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On 2020-01-15 at 8:35 AM, LemmingOfTheBDA said:

2- Brand new computer, every component is working correctly and is clean (apart from this WF issue)

Are you sure this is a Warframe issue?

Try different game, or try stress test programs, mostly GPU stress tests, like Furmark or similar, for a few hours. Does the problem happen to more then just Warframe?

The internet search will find large amount of users with event 14 nvlddmkm problems most have nothing to do with this specific Warframe game. https://www.google.com/search?q=Event+14+nvlddmkm

Might be poor connection from GPU to motherboard, poor connection from CPU to motherboard. With computer off, unplug and plug it back in.

But it might be worst, a faulty graphics card, motherboard, CPU, or PSU (Power Supply Unit), or a bad PCI-E slot. Graphics card is kind of easy to check, try a different graphics card, like from an old computer, and maybe try different PCI-E slot. PCI-E closest to CPU often have the full 16 lane PCI-E for fastest speed but other slots have fewer lanes. Check PCI-E speed with GPU-Z.

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I'll try extensive stress testing with other apps this weekend, what stopped me from RMAing the card, is the fact that other Warframe players have detailed the exact same behaviour and my computer is brand new, in this related post many are wondering if this is not a Ryzen/Nvidia issue, but again the Warframe/Raljack combo is mentioned in the comments and the OP even mentions having changed the card without avail, so maybe we are indeed something nvidia/amd need to look into


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