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Cetus Gate (Plains of Eidolon transition) camera collision mesh


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Where:  The transition room connecting Cetus to the Plains of Eidolon.  Specifically the right-hand corner as you're facing toward Cetus.

When:  This took place on the return journey back from an Eidolon bounty, but given the nature of the glitch it can presumably be triggered at any time.

What:  The bug itself is mostly visual, and triggers when a player character stands with their back to one of the 'golden' parts of the room, specifically the corner previously mentioned above.  Though the player character cannot 'escape' the map through this missing collision, the camera will be able to break out of the map and cause the entirety of the room (sans the player elements) to disappear completely.

Below are some images, firstly depicting the cameras 'safe' position.


And secondly depicting what happens after moving back slightly, and therefore pushing the camera out of bounds.


And lastly here's a perspective of the corner causing the issue itself.  There may be additional parts of the room that act similar to this, but so far this is the most prominent one I have discovered.


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