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Solo NPC Railjack Crew Idea


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I just had an idea for the solo npc crew the ability to have your enginear surch for wrekage or avionics


Say you ask your enginear to surch for a vidar mk3 reactor or zetki mk 3 engins a timer would start counting down for about 3 to 12 hours depending on the mk level  3hours for mk 1 and 12hours for mk 3 this would surch for the spasific part or avionic and after the timer is up you talk to your enginear and they give you a mission to go and get the part you  after you obtaine the marked part  you  finish the mission and go back to the dojo to receive the part 


For avionics side the timer would depend on the house of the avionics 1 hour for levan, 3 for vidar, and 6 for zetki. 7 for battle and tactical 

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