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Railjack Simulacrum!!


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Can we have a huge a$$ simulacrum to test the railjack on enemies WE can spawn manually?

I understand, this simulacrum requires a hangar of some sort, which is shielded from the enemies and we can safely get out, so we can switch avionics and what-else around to check things.

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Maybe it could be done by adding functionality to the free flight mode? 🤔

Allow us to "simulate" ships that we have fully scanned (completed its codex entry)?

How would this "simulation mode" work? It could start by us, being in free camera mode:

  • let us go around the 3d space and to locations where we would like the enemies to spawn at
  • simulacrum-esque UI would then be used to select the enemy and its level, the desired target is placed into the 3d space (starts with AI paused, at this point we can't move our ship either)
  • a button press then would start the combat sim (added option for the player to set the AI to not react to them at all for damage and/or functionality testing of abilities, weapons, avionics, etc.)
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Am 15.1.2020 um 19:25 schrieb Aldrr:

How would this "simulation mode" work?

Decoration Mechanics or just predefined spawn spots, which would allow mass spawns.

The decoration mechanics kinda would be the slower, but more precise method. press 1, Set a point, then what it should be, repeat.

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