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Trying to do an Energizing Dash/Void Dash in docked Railjack or Drydock will softlock ability in mission


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If I go in to operator mode and try to do an Energizing Dash/Void Dash while in the Drydock or on a docked Railjack (not in a mission) it will lock my operator from doing a Void Dash during in the next Railjack mission. It will also stop the operator from going into Void Mode/crouching (and becoming invisible/incorporeal). The "lock" is in effect the whole mission and and on the Railjack, in Grineer crewships and on different bases (= "everywhere").

Dying doesn't help, neither does going into arch-wing or any other "trick" I've tried. Going back to the Orbiter will reset/remove the "lock" and everything will work normally during the next Railjack mission (unless trying another Void Dash before the actual mission has started).

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