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Mastery Rank 19 test bug


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After practicing the mastery rank 19 stealth test until I could beat it consistently on the second of three attempts given in the mission (the first is much harder as you are hard locked out of the first second or so of the attempt in the kneeling pose). I then took the mastery test version, after destroying the last of the 6 needed orbs I went to escort the captive, I went over to the goal spot and when the captive was about to enter the goal, the game immediate forced me back to the warframe login screen, I log in, and it shows the 23 hour countdown till I can retake the test which it counted as a failure. I just want to make sure that in 23 hours I'm not going to run into this same issue. I do not believe I had any network error during the attempt and I got no chat disconnect message or any other similar error message.

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