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Railjack crash after mission (can be reproduced)


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Basically I discovered a crash that happens everytime. Whenever I end a mission and go back to dojo, if I check the intrinsics console, I'll crash. It happened every time, and I asked some friends to reproduce the crash and happened to all of them, every time. Don't know if it's just a coincidence but it happened to every person I asked to do it.


EDIT: I pinned it down even more. The crash happens exactly when you hover the cursor over any intrinsic when you come back to the dojo after a railjack mission.

EDIT 2: Made some more tests. It seems the crash won't happen if you leave the dojo (going to your orbiter) and reenter it before trying to go to the intrinsics window. I ended a mission, went to orbiter, went back to dojo, entered the intrinsics menu and didn't crash.

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