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Nova fixes 2020 (edited and condensed)


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1) Fix Escape Velocity's speed boost effect color. It defaults to yellow when I'm not host. Think volt's speed ability but you don't get to pick the color...

escape velocity effect wrong color

this is how wormhole escape velocity should look, only works as host tho

This has been wrong since the augment was released. It's such an obvious visual bug that I waited years for it to fix itself, but clearly no one at DE uses nova lol.

2) 282% duration should give nova null star 17 particles for 85% damage reduction instead of 16 particles for 80% dmg reduction like it does now. The math determining number of particles actually equals 16.92. Because of this, a duration build with Auger message + Constitution = +15% difference in dmg reduction while adding only constitution to the same build equals only +5% dmg reduction.

3) Someone should revisit syandana placement on nova and nova prime. Ki'teer syandanas in particular look really bad but only bc whoever placed them didn't try at all to make it presentable. Just put some thought into how it looks, isn't that the point of wf? Clipping and floating off of warframe sometimes is understandable, but this is ridiculous.

Ki'teer syandanas on nova

4) Wormhole ability doesn't work properly on newer tile sets, ie Jupiter and Sentient Anomaly. Basically, you can rarely go through portal when placed near ground, guardrails, or other solid structures. Jumping through a portal, only to have it not teleport you, feels really bad. Falling into an abyss and loosing combo count, activated abilities, etc, makes it feel even worse.

wormhole not working on sentient anomaly tile set

wormhole not working on jupiter tile set

This happens way more often than just these two tile sets, but the newer the tile set, the more often this occurs in my experience.

While we're talking about wormhole, why is the portal a rounded rectangle with just a line? An oval or circle like any other portal would look much much better. The current design looks like it was the very first concept and was never touched again. Honestly the whole look of the portal and line extending from it could use an aesthetic change. Make it look like a wormhole lol.

5) The Asuri tennogen skin is my absolute favorite but it bugs me that the dark grey color parts of the skin cannot be altered. It's easily one of the largest sections of any warframe that just isn't customizable and visual customization is easily half the reason I play warframe. The arm animation for this skin should take on both energy colors and not just one.


TY for reading. Any of these changes would make the very few nova mains very happy.

Edited by (PS4)slowva
too long tbh
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