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Trade invite fails to join session


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Multiple times now since the Empyrean update I've tried to invite someone either from my Orbiter or my Dojo for a trade, and they "fail to join my session". It doesn't matter who invites who, or from where. When one of us restarts Warframe, it usually works (but not always). Pretty annoying when trying to do multiple trades!

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Hotfix just dropped this morning (1/16/20) and made this waaay worse. It's doing this for me now every login, says I'm offline for everyone I can see, can't send/receive invites or friend requests, and my friends list says zero people online currently when I'm literally chatting with them in game chat. They need to fix this ASAP.

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yo I get a DE feddback and it helped me ! Here is what they said ( the part that do help me was to suppress data save on my switch ) 


Hi Darkpignouf,

Thank you for contacting us.

We'll start by power cycling your modem, router, and console. First, hold the power button of the Switch until you see Power Options, then select Turn Off. For your modem/router, turn off the device, unplug it and wait for about 2 minutes. After, 2 minutes plug it back in.

Next, we'll verify the integrity of the downloaded game files.
To do this:

  1. From the Nintendo Switch Home Screen, open System Settings.
  2. Scroll down on the left menu and select Data Management, and choose Manage Software.
  3. From the list of software, choose Warframe.
  4. Scroll down the option and select Check for Corrupt Data.
  5. If any corrupted data was found by the system, please follow the instructions on the screen and Redownload the software.

Finally, please clear your console's game cache for Warframe:

  1. From the home screen go System Settings
  2. Select Data Management, then Manage Save Data / Screenshots and Videos
  3. Select Delete Save Data then Warframe
  4. Finally, select Delete All Save Data for this Software

Note: This will delete your key bindings and all the other in-game settings but not any game progress.

Please let us know if it helps or if you need further assistance.

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