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[Video] Pulsar can't damage ramsled


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I'm not sure 100% what causes this, especially since I have particle ram up a lot and sometimes it will damage ramsleds a bit, but I have a Zetki Pulsar Mk 3 which I decided to start giving a shot again since the recent rebalances. When ramsleds are launched at the ship though, and I try to fire on them, it usually doesn't work.

I'll be honest I'm not sure if other guns are doing this at the moment but I don't think they are? Or perhaps, you have to hit a certain spot, but I don't recall that being a thing before. Like 85% of my shots minimum usually do 0 damage to ramsleds though. It's not just seeing numbers and not seeing the health bar go down either, it flat out says 0 on hit.

But here's the clip: https://gfycat.com/niftylikableamericanwirehair

As you can see, I'm doing 0 damage on most hits, in this case I didn't have the ram up, and I don't have the intrinsic that causes damage to ships I slam into yet either. So I'm not really sure what's even doing the damage to them they are taking but as you can see the pulsars are doing nada most of the time.

Edit: Oh yeah thought I should mention this shouldn't be happening in heal bubbles as I've had it happen plenty of times around Saturn. Also I just tried soloing an Earth map as of v27.0.11.1 the Earth ones seem to be taking damage fine now. After doing a Saturn mission, I'm still getting some hits, and some fails. Are these supposed to not take damage on some locations? I don't recall this being an issue before. After more messing around on Saturn though, with a Carcinnox I'm not really noticing hits failing, I'm not sure if they're hitting a different location because of travel time that the Pulsar does have or not, but I feel like Pulsar is getting 0s a lot and it may only be from the more frontal arc of the ram sleds. I just wanted to put this out since I'm not sure if this is intentional

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