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Epic Railjack Tales.


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Swazdo Lah, Tenno!

The intent of this thread is a place to share your personal exploits as a railjack captain/crewmember. I have a particular epic tale that I will share in the next post and I look forward to reading your exploits and learning what I can to enrich my own future adventures. 😁

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I had one where i had 3 ivara's all stealth farming crewships so it was up to me to kill 6 crewships and 90 ships! Had another one where i was in archwing and i was farming asterite and the pilot said i was ruining the mission because i was messing up his void hole casts. Let's see what else.... I had one where i was killing crewships too fast and he wanted to kill the extra fighters....

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I had an epic experience with a really, REALLY good random squad that all feel into roles perfectly. Pilot, gunner, gunner/engineer and assault demolitionist that played for about two hours wiping Saturn and focusing on post mission scavenging. It was the second time in Railjack where the whole squad was in tune. Unfortunately, the wife and I had some traveling to prep for so I had to cut it short. Awesome time though!

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The tale of the (Severely) underpowered railjack and her fool captain...


Railjack: GSS Ho Bag Blaster


Fore Turrets: Apoc (Stock) - Side Turrets: Zekti Apoc Mk II - Salvo: Mulati rocket swarm (Stock) - Forward Artillery avionics damage boost +36% of stock

Available Battle Avionics: Seeker Salvo (30 missle per shot)

Available Flux Energy: 512

Shield strength: 1750 - Hull Strength: 1750 - Armor Strength: 2072

Maximum Speed: 469 m/s - Boost Multiplier: x2.1

Location: NSU GRID, Proxima Veil...

This is a tale of foolishly leaping before looking and the scary result thereafter.

So after grinding to finally getting 64 intrinsic to rank up to rank 7 gunner, I was as happy as a clam to FINALLY have access to Proxima Veil and reaping her delicious bounty of mk III gear. 😏 I thought to myself, it couldnt possibly be THAT much worse than the hardest Saturn Proxima node. I didn't realize at the time how very, very wrong I was. I was so excited at the time that I ignored the big red flag that there were no open squads at the time and click away anyway. As thr Ho Bag Blaster translated across the void towards her destination I thought to myself, Ill just reverse course immediately outside the active combat area and wait for a crew and I will be fine.

As the void corridor broke and the red hue of the space indicating I had arrived at Veil Proxima surround my railjack, I immediately initiated a full reverse boost as planned. But something was wrong. I did not have six white diamonds just outside of detection range that I had expected from my previous missions. They were red... and there were fifteen of them, all on a direct course to intercept the Ho Bag Blaster at twice the speed of every other fighter, flak and outrider I had encountered up until is point!

A heaviness began to settle in the bowels of my Rhino Warframe as I thought to myself "Its okay, they couldn't be that much harder than the worst Saturn Proxima strike craft..." I then lit up the closest fighter on approach, it wasn't hard to to hit this one fighter as it held a steady course nose to nose directly towards me. Something else was wrong, I had emptied an entire overheat cycle's worth of Apoc rounds into this fighter and only managed to take off the smallest sliver off its health indicator on my hud. My heart sank into my chest and I could feel my fear running down my Rhino's right leg in a warm stream of fine yellow exhaust fluid. This cant be right, I thought to myself. Then one more impossible sight reared its horrible head. They all attacked well outside the the attack range I had expected and with an attacks I had not forseen.

The sound of a metallic brick hitting the deckplating under the helm echoed through the empty halls of the Ho Bag Blaster in this moment. Every fighter blossomed with 6 yellow missiles erupting from at the same time lighting up that space, changing the hue of my field of vision from Veil Proxima red to a forboding yellow of certain death. Try as I might I did not have enough speed to reverse fast enough to buy enough time to shoot down this wall of missle manually with my Apoc cannons.

In a panic, I released seeker volley after seeker volley until my flux energy ran dry in a vain hope that I could at least soften these fifteen strike craft until help arrived. The Ho Bag Blaster shuddered as an unholy wave of missiles slammed against her hull. Her shields instantly dropping to zero with the hull indicator following suit a few seconds later. Cephalon Cy indicating multiple minor hull breaches along with two major breaches, a fire and electrical damage.  This was just the initial salvo, I had begun to panic and began losing myself to despair.

Retreat was not an option because doing so now would deprive me of the knowledge of how powerful each individual strike craft was. So, I steeled myself with whatever resolve and personal dignity I had remaining and had changed my mission priorities from reaping the mk III equipment to just surviving as long as I could to observe my enemy so I may not underestimate them in the future.

I disengaged from the helm and teleported to the forge. I need flux energy now, so I set every forge to produce more until I had enough to mount another seeker volley spam. I walked my back to the helm, Omnic in hand repairing the most catastrophic damage on the way as I could. Finally reaching the helm, I let loose wave after wave of seeker volley salvos. I kept an eye out for the weakest fighter I could see.

What I saw next tested the resolve that I had mustured earlier. Curious yellow spheres appeared in the space around me. I avoided them only to see a damaged flak fly through one and begin to heal. I had to stay alive and learn as much as I can. So the cycle of my teleporting to the forge and spot repairing continued for 5 minutes.

Bad luck did turn worse luck as the Ho Bag Blaster suddenly stopped reversing. I had hit the the invisible barrier marking the edge of this area. I continued the cycle of repairing, only popping the battle forge avionic when I absolutely needed it. This continued for 3 more minutes. In the total 8 minute span of time, I had managed to destroy 3 of the strike craft. Then it appeared, Nsu Grid's first crewship.

The pressure had mounted, I knew it was only a matter of minutes before I lost the Blaster. Everything was shaking, on fire and Cephalon Cy was constantly alerting me of crisis after crisis. My vision was getting dark and despair  had finally fully settled in. "I am going to die." I thought to myself as the world grew dark around me. I had accepted defeat and I couldnt even get a good idea of my enemy's strength. I had failed completely.

I closed my eyes, demoralized to even try to attempt Veil Proxima anytime in the near future. But thats when I heard it, the distict high pitched "Shtink" of a notification. I opened my eyes in disbelief as I read the notification...

Krx69 has joined your squad.

"Shtink" Capamimi has joined your squad.

"Shtink" HSX9 has joined your squad.

And so ends the tale of The (severely) underpowered railjack and her fool captain... Join me tomorrow for part II of this tale, entitled The underpowered railjack and the luckiest bastard in Proxima Veil.


Im going to stop here for two reasons, Im tired and I want to do these three Tenno justice as I want to talk to them to make sure I got their roles right. Just as this started with epic failure it will end with... well read tomorrow to see the ending. These are real players and you can ask them yourself if this epic tale really happened. I do want to be as accurate as possible because the second half is about as hectic as the first and I was focused on survival more than anything to get the details right. I hope you enjoyed this tale. This is what I meant by epic tales. Please share your stories 

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my best experience so far was when I took Particle Ram out for a spin for the very first time. I had seen it on other ships and been farming for it, then one day it finally dropped. as I boosted into enemy ships, I couldn't help but laugh maniacally. I laughed even harder when I figured out it stops Ramsleds as well. why even bother with Gunners when you can just kamikaze everything? lol. ok, maybe not viable for everything, but Particle Ram is by far my favourite railjack ability, even more than the pretty and deadly Seeker Volley.

as for my worst experience..

my worst experience was on Saturn, when myself and my clan leader discovered that if they want to, the Grineer can launch as many Ramsleds as they do missiles and fighters. now Ramsleds appear frequently as it is, but I swear something was up here because we were getting literally nothing but Ramsleds for some time. the boarders just never stopped coming.. we were on His railjack so no Particle Ram to block them. all we could do was stay and fight them off.. "this must be the last ones" I said on multiple occasions, but no.. there was always another 5 Ramsleds or more ready to board our ship. it was like in a Zombie Movie, where the protagonist and their best friend are on top of a truck or whatever, fighting back-to-back to keep the horde away.

at one point they were coming so frequently, Cy had basically given up on telling me they were trying to board. we must have killed about 300 Grineer on our ship before they finally stopped.. the deck was covered in bodies and ammo drops... and ever since, I've been wanting Ramsleds to spawn just a bit less often..

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You know those story about host migrations, bugs related and so on?

This is one of them.

But this one is different than others. This one is not about grief, but a bravery against odds, and forceful injection of a tactic swap.

This begins when I, alongside a friend from alliance, harly, went to gian point with his railjack and squad open to public. We were joined by two fellows. A highlight of that run was my amazement when I - as a ship engineer - asked one of those randoms to go out in AW and gather resource nodes to fuel the forges.... and dude friggin went and started gathering those resources - only stopping to kill a crewship. Seeing how the cooperation was going nicely, our cap harly, asked if they wanted to go to dry dock or go directly to the next mission. Everyone agreed upon going directly for one more mission. We loaded in, engaged first group of enemies, first rupture have cracked on the upper decks, so I warped through tactical map to the slingshot..... but it failed to move me. I tried to leave the forges by foot but the doors would not open.

And then the message popped "host migration in progress".

Now there wouldn't be the story if it all went smooth right?

After Host migration ended there were 3 of us, me and those pugs standing onboard the ship, with only our captain harly gone. First thing that have occured was critical failure right next to me so I patched it up. one of the randoms took the helm, other went into Archwing. Not a full minute later another critical - fixed this one too. And another one. I knew harly was a damn good pilot but these were popping a tad to often... Then I started paying clsoe attention to numbers, and it dawned on me - all avionics have failed to migrate, we had stock hull/armor/hp. 

Seeing how we couldn't mantain the ratio of critical failures, I took opportunity after clearing boarding party (dude on helm stepped out of it to help) to take the helm myself - we had to change our approach, dogfighting was not viable. Once on the helm I was able to confirm two things: firstly particle ram was empty render not doing any damage, but secondly - we have still had the guns from original harly's railjack. It took uncomfortable amount of click to activate void cloak but it worked.

At first I opened a distance to the hostiles. after that I have noticed a potentially viable hiding spot - a hollow asteroid - I took the ship there (took only one critical failure to get there) and from that point onward the main ship was basically playing peekabo with enemy fighters around that hollow asteroids, but after a minute we've managed to kill enough of them to not sustain any more of critical breaches. The Archwing guy managed to kill enough crewships to get that objective done, but ran out of revives when engaging fighters afterwards. we digged in, tho and with a good use of tycho seekers (mark 3 fortunatelly these persisted too) we managed to kill whatever more we needed to complete the mission. from there we went out to gather the drops quickly and then jumped back to drydock......

that fight was surprisingly FUN 🙂

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