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Worst Experience of RJ anomaly


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Today something crazy happened with me. I was farming the great Teneborous Ephemera with my mates in split farming method. (Playing game solo by keeping mode in invite only). More than 70 to 80 runs we get either one red wing or gold wing crate. 

So today i came across a red wing crate and ive cleared sentients and tried to invite my friends. The new bug arrives at same time...Bug no.1 : "The mission is being played offline. Other players Cannot be invited. "

So i couldn't invite any of my friends to help me.. anyway I've cracked the crate and wow.. bug game gave me legendary ephemera along with 2k kuva. 

Now itself my hope dropped. Anyway i went out thinking i will finish the mission solo and tried killed 4 CS and 75 fighters still not even once pustrils dropped, which is essential to craft and repair ship. Not even one of them dropped. Thats bug number 2

Third and final, each 1 minute ram sledges hits and there is not CS to launch them too.. Bug 3.

And mean time same mission void hole too dropped. 

I just wanted to know if the game wanted to not get any of these rewards.. at least let me invite one of my friend.. nope it wont allow..and after losing on main menu, yehhh i can invite again. Keep on mocking RNG

So finally lost all good drops and feeling so down and don't know if i can ever farm it again...

Thats my journey and ive tried to report to support .. They were kind enough in guiding me in various ways


Incident happened on 16/01/2020 Time 11:05 AM GMT +5:30 

Its not easy to farm these and its a dream to get one. But it was a nightmare situation too. 

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