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Non-Ingame Merchandise Questions


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Hi guys,

im still in my first game week, so not to sure of everything yet. that being said id appreciate it if you are gentle in your critisism, even though it may be allready discussed a billion times:

As im unable to be ingame currently for private reasons, i try to stay in touch by forum, youtube and the like.

Now, ive come to learn that there is a ton of material to study and read up on for those who are willing (aka In game lore, wikis...) and even more so by fans (youtube clips, proffessionally designed comics...).

Yet on the warframe site you find next to nothing, of this. That goes double for the comics. I only stubled upon them by chance in a fanvid (about warframe facts), and read Warframe: Ghouls imediatly. But not on the warframe page, or one associated portal as one would expext with a free and proffessionaly created comic developed upon request by de. On the contary there aint any mention of proffessional Out-Game-Lore on the Warframe page, excluding the shop (or its extremly well hidden which prompts the question:Why???)

Thus my question: why not create a easy to get to niche on the warframe page, whith all the preffessional created warframe stuff, officially approved by de, but not directly created by de. And most of all: absolutly not ingame- yet game related(e.g. Comics, Books, Movies, Sculptures...)

Ofc. This aint excluding the already existing store, nor denouncing the niche with fansites, filled mostly -lets face it- fanmade but (possibly) amature content or ingame content.

Im talkin here about that potential Movie folk want to storm into cinema for. Or books that u absolutly need to get ur hands on...etc.

If one would look look foranything similar, Id suggest Magic - The Gathering and its merchandise...

What do you guys think?

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