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Bugged wukong and shotgun interaction


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Was confused as to what kept interupting me going into wukongscloud walking while leveling corinth. 
Turns out that if you shoot once (with any shotgun) then press 2 (cloud walking) within (or less than) a 2 second window the game would cancel out the cloud walking. This doesn't happen on the last bullet but on any, if you shoot and then instantly use cloud walking the game would cancel the cloud walking instantly and then you need to recast it again to go into it. 
I noticed that if you wait 2sec+ it won't happen but its still annoying when it happens. Also i tend to go into cloud walking instantly if i see no more enemieson the minimap around me so this happens a lot.
Did a few test all alone so i don't think its a lag problem since it worked every time, no matter how many bullets i have as long as i quickly go into cloud walking after firing it cancels it out.
I suspect it might be cause of how shotguns can be reloaded after each shot perhaps, but thats just a wild guess.
At first i thought it was only the corinth but as iw as writing this i decided to test it with 1 more shotgun and so i know that this works with corinth and arca plasmor.
Didn't bother with making a vid since it should be rather easy to replicate.

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