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Empyrean: Ivara Prime 27.0.11 -

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Hey Digital Extremes, 

Thank you for the adjustments of Avionics Capacity for Reactors. Sadcat for all the people who scrapped their low Avionics Capacity Vidar Reactor, I guess. Will you adjust the RNG range of other stats/parts like engines and shields too?    

In the end it would be great if updates could receive a better balance when they get released. With future Hotfixes that often make things much more easy to obtain, you just devalue the time your loyal players have spent. If you just look at Vidar Reactor MK3 for example. The Avionics Capacity range before (30-100) and now (90-100). Drop Chance also increased from 2% to 4%. It gives the incentive to not play your updates when they release, because it’s basically just a waste of time. I think it shouldn't be the case that people wait to play your new content. At least not to that extent. 

A bit different with Repair Drones. So now that the Repair Drone got removed from the market, you have a 0,25% drop chance to get one as a mission reward. Let’s just assume that you can do consistent 5 minute runs on Gian Point with a decent team. So at average you can get one Drone every 2000 minutes. An entire day has 1440 minutes. That‘s an unfair drop rate. Blazing Step drop rates all over again. Please increase the drop rates of Repair Drones to a reasonable rate, if you want to keep them in game. In the end people just used the Repair Drones to bypass the totally unbalanced grind. Just make the repair costs fair please. Doubling Asterite drops was a first step into the right direction. More is needed I think. RNG stats also have an impact on this, because when you build something, there is the chance that a better part will drop in the future, which you want to build. Resulting in a resource sink. Removing the option to bypass grind is bad, because it was always the case for many things, that you as a player, can decide if you want to grind for something or spend plat to skip the grind. New Warframes for example. You can either farm, or buy the new frame from the Market. People who bought Repair Drones actually got a huge advantage, because now it’s nearly impossible to get them and repair costs are still kinda high. 
Much love goes to the epic Conclave Player, who gifted me a Repair Drone for Christmas. Can you please fix Conclave for that lovely person, DE? ^__^  

Thank you for adressing the issue of the Tenebrous Ephemera. It was a pain to get. About Ephemeras in general. I would really like it if you actually need to earn them by doing something challenging. Until now, most of the Ephemeras are only earned by luck. That doesn’t feel rewarding. The Eidolon Ephemera had the potential to be earned by doing a Tridolon run in less than 10 minutes for example. Can all already existing/future Ephemeras please be earned by doing something challenging? It's not really enjoable when you get them from random drops.

P.S. Any plans to make Arch-Melees useable again? They are pretty useless now, because the auto targeting is gone. A buff to the [Furor] Mod would also be great. Adding +10% Attack Speed at max. Rank is a bit weird. Oh, and… Can we get a toggle for hold heavy attacks. Losing your combo counter by totally random heavy attacks makes me sad and I'm totally not alone with this.

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Thank you for the reactor changes. Very nice.


Tenebrous Ephemera Removal and Future Acquisition: 

TEMPORARILY removed the Tenebrous Ephemera as a drop from Reinforced Sentient Containers aboard the Sentient Anomaly in Veil Proxima. The drop method is causing numerous issues in terms of connectivity stability and player frustration. We’re going to be changing the acquisition method that won’t involve a direct drop rate in a near future Hotfix/Update, and will instead be closer to a token system (complete X Anomaly missions to buy Ephemera from a vendor).

So soon I won't have to deal with that horrible RNG anymore...neat.

Can Manticore & Brokk become seperate weapons instead of weird "skins with stat changes"?



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Okay, I was thinking about it for a long time. How about an UI rework? Cause right now it's a great pain in the butt, when you literally can't just see what weapons in your arsenal have a potato. Moreover, in fissures it would be actually great to see, how much parts from the set you have - so there won't be situations, when you need two parts for something, but the screen just shows you that you already own the thing. Just make it like a little window, where under or above every prime part you see information, from what set this part is, how much parts do you have, etc.

Then, it would be great if we could just access inventory with one button, because it really gets old when you can't just sell trash blueprints from the foundry or mastered weapons from the arsenal. Or just give us the ability to sell stuff from the foundry and arsenal. And why can't we see how much slots do we have in the arsenal itself? That's just too much, man.

Another problem: when game proposes us to take a test for the mastery rank, it would be great if just under it we had a clickable link to the training mode, so we could just practice the test, until we feel confident enough to try and pass it. And it's really, really annoying that we have fail-states in the practice modes. Mastery rank test, where I had to rescue a hostage and kill a lot of guards with just melee just made me tear out my hair in frustration. Figuratively, of course, but still. Why just not make the practice mode infinite, but if the player passes the test, you just show a prompt, if the player wants to leave practice? It would a lot more practical. Just look at Hotline Miami. You're killed dozens of times, but all it takes to reset you is just one press of a button. No awful loading times and screens.

That takes me to the problem of Simulacrum. I don't actually use it at all, but I've seen from the videos that there is still no dedicated button just to reset all enemies, so everyone has to waste time to go back to the console and reset them manually. And yeah, it's already year 2020, and we still can't test the modular weapons! Why? I can't just decide if I want this combination from the sheer number, I need to feel it! Please, DE, allow us to build kitguns, zaws and amps in Simulacrum to test them out, I beg you.

As we talk about combinations, we don't have a market mode, where we can just try out everything we want. It could be tied to Simulacrum, actually, and really would improve a lot of things - for example, I want to try out different combinations of cosmetics, but I have to buy everything separately and I don't know if it will look good.

Back to Market: for some reason, Leverian is buried there. Wouldn't it be a lot better if he was situated in the Codex? When I was a newbie, I actually read every article there was to understand what to do in the game. And yeah, why we still have this annoying ???? in the Codex for mods? I want to know what every mod does and I will - I'll just have to link it in the chat, and yeah, it will waste my time, so why do we still have it? It does absolutely nothing? And it would be really, really good if you could select the mod and then click on the names of the enemies and modes below, just to check out where should we farm this mod. And drop chance with actual numbers instead of just color - I mean, "Bite" drops from Kubrow really rarely, but I have to go to the Wiki just to realize it's 0,01% drop chance. I need those numbers to realize, should I invest in the grind or not. Also, to have some system to sort mods out would be great - for example, I don't want to see the augments at all, because I just to want to check out mods that are only farmable from the enemies. And can we have the separation of enemies in the Codex? Keep usual ones and the ones from Railjack separate.

Talking about clickable, this shoud apply to the foundry to. Sometimes you don't even know where resources that we need come from - and it would be really great if we could click on them and get the information, where or from whom they drop. Like, just this week, I was building Gauss, two of his parts require materials from the Venus, but the third one needs stuff from Cetus. And I really didn't know that and I went to Fortuna just to realize that I had to go to Cetus.

Yeah, you could just say 'read the Wiki!', but come on, everything should be in the game and it should be transparent, so everyone can understand how to get things they want.

Thanks again, I hope someone will read this and adds something to my suggestions.

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Increased the Range of Winged Cyclone, Winged Force, Winged Steel, and Winged Storm to 1000m.

  • This also fixes these Archwing based Avionics for Railjack also affecting the Railjack itself.


Any word on making Arch-Melee even remotely useful?

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So you are, for now, only admitting that the massive RNG range on avionics capacity was a bad idea, and not the rest of the parts and stats?

Avionics capacity was definitely the most important one, by a wide margin, but I think it should be pretty obvious that such a massive range in effectiveness is frustrating and disappointing on everything. Though perhaps the other parts have such better drop rates that it doesn't much matter if most of them are garbage?

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Thanks for the fixes! However, 

Still no fix for:

  • Ivara's Noise Arrow breaks stealth affinity multiplier. Even if all the enemies are slept immediately after, killing them is treated as if they were alert. 
  • Atlas "Path of Statues" augment does not display a visual stone path anymore.
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