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Adopt strictly increasing and narrow stat ranges for all rng progression as a general principle.


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While the Reactor change is nice (though I'd rather see the rng stats go alltogether) please adopt the same model for all items with random stats. Please adopt it as a general principle and not something you wait to do on a case-by-case basis when players get upset.

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14 minutes ago, Hawk_of_the_Reborn said:

Don't mind me, just posting before the Riven Mafia makes OP mysteriously vanish like my dad did when he left for a pack of smokes 25 years ago

Maybe he's still grinding against the RNG for that perfect pack of smokes.

@schilds I don't disagree with you, but i also think its sad that we're at the point of bargaining for something that shouldnt be in Warframe in the first place. I for one agreed with your bracketed sentiment:

40 minutes ago, schilds said:

(though I'd rather see the rng stats go alltogether)

But at the same I'll take what I can get, which I'm guessing is what inspired your post.

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While I agree with OP, I'd rather have capped RNG first. There are too many elements that layer RNG upon itself, like farming for RNG to drop a riven mod with RNG unlock, RNG polarity, RNG stats, and near-complete RNG rerolls. Having narrower stat ranges would be great, but wouldn't solve those problems

We need the ability to have definitive goals to achieve our optimum stats, whether that be by having to 'combine' duplicates (like the kuva weapon system, but with a minimum increase value for combining, until max stat is reached), or by having some form of alternate upgrade currency (like being able to spend large amounts of kuva to lock a particular bonus/penalty to a riven mod, or being able to spend void traces to lock a single reward into a relic)

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