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I cordially invite you aboard....


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PC Tenno!

If you had read my Epic Railjack tale in the thread of the same name then you know what kind of challenges I had encountered. Sure the first half was harrowing, bit I still had fun. I would like to arrange another expedition into the veil, Nsu Gris node in the same underpowered Railjack, the GSS Ho Bag Blaster. I won't lie to you all, it will be difficult but I have yet to fail a mission in the Veil, true I only ran it once and I was lucky as hell. But I would like to do another run with a different crew. I also would like to record this adventure. So, I invite any who are willing (with rank 7 intrinsic) to join me tonight in an expedition into the Veil in Nsu Grid. Muster time will start at 1830 hours (6:30pm PST) tonight and the Ho Bag Blaster departs at 1900 (7:00pm, PST) hours promptly. First 3 to muster will be prioritized, please have rank 7 intrinsic to participate. All are invited who qualify especially the tenno who don't have fun in railjack mission. You haven't lived until you overcome overwhelming odds in substandard systems. I hope to see you there.

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