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GSS is available for railjack construction


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Swazdo Lah Tenno!

I am Syncr0w, founding warlord of Gunz, Swords and Ships (GSS). To say I am here to recruit is a bit of a misnomer.  I wouldnt call GSS a clan per say, as it is more of an institution to help players meet their needs quickly without the fuss of clan meetings and what not. GSS is primarily built around it's drydock.

I am here to invite Tenno who are curious about having their own Railjack but are daunted by the construction requirements. I have no requirements or obligations for anyone who does wish acquire their very own railjack and I am more than willing to help speed along the process. In fact, we can help each other as the materials are easily attainable through railjack missions. I am also the captain of the goodrailjack GSS Ho Bag Blaster. So we gather your materials and build up your intrinsics. I expect no commitments and you are free to leave whenever.

Archwing launcher research and assorted other research is available for replication as an added bonus. Once again, no commitment is required or expected to further R&D.

Reply to this thread if interested or message me in game and we will get you rolling.

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