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Railjack Clients being teleported to other Clients upon "zone transition"


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I've been getting this bug since, where as a client I'll get teleported to another clients location when they transition to another zone.

I was going into the anomaly with a host, then 2 clients joined in and got into the anomaly one after the other. I was already half way in with the host and then it instantly played the "fly-in" animation when the first of the joining clients went in, and again when the second one came in. Both times it locked me in the animation and placed me at the beginning of the anomaly, and I had to walk back the whole way.

Later in the same mission I got teleported to the railjack when a player left it ("Tenno dropping out of airlock") while I was kilometers away on a crewship, doing crewship things: https://imgur.com/a/SC3nSWR

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