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Australia wildfires


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I ’m a warframe player. And I come frome China.
Many players hope to be able to give assistance to Australia to help local koalas, but worry about handling fees and tax issues and give up assistance.
In addition, the Victoria Zoo did not provide advice and assistance to international aid taxpayers, which led many players to find no way to contribute their own strength.
As an international service player, I urgently hope that you can launch in the game to provide players with a more convenient way to better aid.
For example:
For many people, the newly launched dolls are very cute, and many players want to buy more, and whether they can help part of the purchase amount to the Victoria Zoo.
In the game of League of Legends, there is a similar approach: for example, launching a certain limited skin, all the funds obtained will fully aid GlobalGiving.
To be honest, I am extremely dissatisfied with the performance of the Australian Government in the fire.
However, as a part of the same planet, I feel sore to the animals who lost their homes because of the fire!
Forgive me for my English grammar as an Asian player.
 I hope you can consider my suggestion, thanks!

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