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[Idea] Warframe Percepts


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Yep, Passive Perks again, but in a new light.


I thought of our sentinals and how they have default percepts, and so i thought of this:


Each frame has one extra Mod slot, that holds their Passive Percept, which takes no mod slots. These work like passive abilties, giving special bonuses specifically to that frame.


Just like a sentinal's percepts, these can be fused, the difference? Warframe Percepts can only be fused with Certain mods, and of course, these would be the one's that nobody uses, and would be marked with a special sign.


Now why this? Because, this abilties would be dumbed down, but would be added into your percept, at the cost of the percept actually taking up mod points (Maxes at 15 Mod Points, can't be polarized), however you can reset the percept, and regain the mods you used, and fuse them again.


Example: I fuse a Maxed Reflex Guard into Excalibur's Percept, meaning the now my Percept gurantees both the bonus and Reflex Guard's effect halved.

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