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New idea for an endgame reward.


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Now probably this is going to be left to the dust, but at least I have to say I tried. 😄

The idea is weapons, but not just any new weapon with some perk or a good/bad visual design.
I'm walking about a whole new class of weapons unlike anything we have now.
The idea came partially from liches and from the rumor that we can possibly have a difficulty slider in normal missions.
First the way to acquire them. If the difficulty slider is implemented it can be put in any normal mission on a certain high level, no matter if it's on a boss fight or some type of special mission ( like the disruption gives the two gauss weapons and gauss himself) Important point! No insane rng but the normal one in the game now, for example how you go and farm a normal frame or the miter, braton vandal etc. It will be grind but nothing like this bs in rj right now. If you do the mission and you got the weapon - you got it. No random stats or vendors or something like that.

Now for the more complicated part , the weapons themselves. (this will involve grind tbh, but if implemented right would be at least rewarding)

My idea is a combination between how a normal weapon functions and how a warframe functions.
A weapon would increase it's damage and unlock certain powers and stats as you level it up.For this to work and to not be another perk you will have to gather the weapon class specific mods to be able to upgrade it. Each weapon would have permanent unlockable powers like a warframe unlocks it's powers when it levels up.The way to activate this powers is already in game, so usability probably won't be a problem (tiberon prime 3 fire mods can correspond to 3 powers of the weapon for example). The specific mods would be on the same principle as warframe mods - you can increase a power or a set of powers, control the duration of an effect or anything. The powers themselves are up to the imagination - aoe burts, blind , energy drain from enemies, even a grappler hook(this one is a joke XD ), everything you can imagine that could be buffed or controlled trough the mods.You can forma, you can do anything you like, but only for these mods, you will not be able to use the normal weapon mods.The mods themselves can too be obtained the way I described the weapon acquisition or some other interesting and engaging way.

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