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I feel Titania Prime will bring up these issues...


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OK first off this requires knowledge from 2 of my previous posts as im going to be elaborating a bit on them in tangent so if you want to read those then please do.



I listed the second link is mainly for my issue with how the game doesnt build upon itself and how it should

Titania is kind of well a bit of a harsh reality right now due to all the archwing changes especially with railjack being the focus right now. i think DE is being very careful with what they do. Stats and all but functionality for her is going to be judged heavily. especially since she is a frame for those of us that love archwing. some people dont so its imperitive her 4th ability works as smoothly as possible

First off lets copy pasta a control scheme i came up with from the first link if you read the link skip over the bold text

  • LB + RB is blink since it can be treated like an ability and be put in the special 5th ability slot (zenurick, maduria, ect) this would only work on actual archwings since titania does not blink and instead transferrence is used instead
  • LB is down if held and is dodge if tapped in either gyro or boost
  • R3 (stick) is a toggled afterburner since that would be the best implimentation. If it was desired you could also toggle an "automatic afterburner" in settings. This would only happen in boost mode and secondary fire woud not happen much like how titania works cuurently with the new melee system. for those unaware if you are boosting as Titania nothing will happen if you press R3. the same would happen in regular archwing only allowing secondary fire and whatever changes they bring only availble in gyro mode.
  • L3 (stick) is toggle gyro and boost modes
  • A is up when held there is no action for it being tapped (both gyro and boost modes)
  • RB is of course ability selection followed by the corrosponding buttons
  • Right stick would be look
  • Left stick would be move
  • D-Pad acts the same as always
  • Triggers act the same (duh)
  • Back buttons act the same
  • start buttons act the same

I literally spent hours comparing footage and the control you have in both mods my test environbment was the plains of eidolon but, titania addresses a very bad issue content in warframe has that steve has somewhat address. they want to avoid making content islands. where everything connects to one another so the one thing i show you was LB and RB being from the 5th ability key or what would be transference.

On titania it works perfectly you can dodge in any direction and you transfer out while in pixie form however on archwing it does nothing... mapping it to blink does a few things if we impliment some rules for it.

1 if we have it take from the energy pool instead of your tenno instead of a cool down it gives you energy to blink continuously with.

2 it would make zenurick vital to blink while still being balanced as you need to invest heavily into it while your 5th still needs to recharge.

3 the tactical ability for a cooldown on blink would just be more blink distance

this gives you a reason to actually go forth and do eidolon hunts as well as actually invest into your tenno the thing that is supposed to be the absolute most important thing for both story and gamplay isnt worth doing. you can tell that while it does have some arbitrary and quality of life things it doesnt connect to the game where you remember to try to go and farm focus lenses and make sure that there is a focus lens on everything.

by connecting content like railjack and eidolon hunts and even more things to your tenno the game builds upon itself in a way that feels like natural progression.

in short what im asking for when titania is being discused is to bring more control to her movement because in the previous move set we had way more control and now she runs into everything

DE as much as you may get critisism for it you had a perfect flight system (well near perfect) But please with everything i have please consider this post and the previous posts as well.



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