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unable to interact with objects in the plains


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two bugs in one day wow i was not expecting to be here again.

i ran on into the plains to do some bounties simple enough but partway through one of them i couldn't interact with things (such as grineer caches or teammates in need of resurecting) and i also couldn't pick things up they'd just float inside me as if i were in limbos void, but i had no limbo with me and could still shoot the grineer. finally i also couldn't hold X ro respawn, i assume all of these are the same bug as they all procced at the same time and seem similar. equinox prime (yours truely), Hydroid pancoa, III-komplex-III Mesa Prime, remyx07 Chroma Prime. i have screenshots of the items floating inside me but as the others were timed events or intense situations i didn't grab screenshots of those.

and guys, if you can/do see this. i couldn't speak in game so i'm sorry for spamming my waypoint on and off at caches and for not picking you up when you fell, but i also couldn't touch them/you. also yes i was trying to wriggle away from you when you were reviving me, i figured a good hard death would solve the issue (which it did)

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