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RailJack using controller (stuck in turrets/pilot seat)


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When using controller I get stuck in all turrets or pilot seat not being able to control anything, if I do anything to “disturb” the UI. For example pressing “menu” or accessing the command overview. I can’t do anything before the mission ends. Neither via controller or keyboard.

Update Jan. 23: Workaround by pressing X on keyboard works now. NOT a fix tho. The issue is that after you press start/esc and go back to game, the UI thinks you still are in a menu with and with no controller support.

Also, PLEASE add a “select multiple” option when scrapping wreckage. Jeeez

Update, Jan 30:

I’m noticing a severe decline in activity in Railjack. So maybe do something, and a bit faster? You know, before it dies completely. A great start would be to actually AKNOWLEGDE that you did something wrong in the release with balance, monetizing, bugs etc. Instead of just acting like “business as usual”, ”this is fine ...”, “8/10”. Be WITH us!

Seeing interviews with you or the streams is seriously like watching the news lately. Spin, spin, spin. 

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