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The Heir


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When the Stalker shall sleep in afterlife....


When his weapons fall into other hands......


A heir shall awake from the icy cold bed


And he shall wield the axe of judgment and avengement


And his name shalt be Death.....


Randomly (Like, 2% chance of happening, and can only happen at Rank 5), the Stalker will not retreat, and instead stay and fight to the end. After killing him, all lights will explode, enemies will die, and you shall be locked in, and in the middle of the screen says this:


The Stalker have moved to the bed of afterlife.... and has passed the task of avenging to me....


I shall avenge the avenger, and reap all those who defile the Solar System


Die Tenno.... Die.....


Afterwards, a figue in black robes will appear, and he'll wield an axe, a big, dark, and sinister axe, and will proceed to attack you.


This figure's name is Death and wields the Apcolyptic Judgement, a large axe that does unholy amounts of damage to Tenno.


Death's move consist of:


Horses Of Apcolypse: You will be the first to witness the speed of judgement

Death sends 4 horses made out of shadows to attack you, which last for 6 seconds


White Trees: I have been sent to purifiy

Death summons 4 White Trees, which send Vampric Beams at you (Can be Dodged), which will damage you, and heal Death.


Riders of End: Behold, the guardians of the destruction

Death summons 4 shadows, all wielding axes, which will move around, and attack you for 10 Seconds.


Mark of The Bow: From the 4 Ends of the cross, will rise the souls of Saviors

Death summons a Cross and creates Stalker clones, which last for 10 seconds. 


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