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Rank masters Test - Stealth And Enemy sensor need to be fix.


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I seeing people complaining about MR 9 issues recently - 1 post then 2 posts then 4 posts. About this I would say it's will be worse if you get to Rank 19 test.

We all have noticed that game have made changes with AI's sensor, vision and suddent movements, yes this included to all AI even our Specters would act like the rest.

And Rank 9 so far still a fine test for me combine with this change would be perfect.

BUT other test I would say seriously need a look back. Just as today someone asked me how did I done Rank 19 test, I get intriguing and tried it again. And it is just OUTRAGED.

I had to try it over and over again . By that point I still don't have to use trick weapons but enough times for me to know enemies's movements to finish it. Their attention need to be adjust, but it would be too difficult so I would say make they dumb dumb like before in the test only or simply remove some specific of them out, would be for the best.

And we all know that no need to say about stealth strike system right now, bullsh*t....

Some rank masters are truely to be said, just a mark to pass your test, mean they are way too easy due to their strength, numbers. I'm not saying about I using aoe warframes, but they are ... literally can be done with just skarna when all weapon and ability are availables even your objective is need more than killing. And it was a test above Rank 10 .


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