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Vauban Question - No Bastille Grid, always Vortex



I've been playing with Vauban Prime, and it's been at least 1 1/2 years since I used Vauban, and the skills have changed.

For Vauban's #4 skill, Bastile, The wiki says it gives you the suspension grid, and hold down the 4 to get the vortex. I see other players using both, but no matter how lightly/quickly I feather the 4 key, I always only get the vortex, never the suspending grid.

What am I doing wrong?

Thanks!  :redveil:

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If you hold to cast it, it will cast a Vortex.
If you're not holding to cast it, check that you don't have the option to switch Hold and Tap cast, selected in the option menus.
If it's neither of those, check that you don't have a macro for a certain held key press duration the exceeds the tap cast requirement.. or that your button isn't just getting stuck.

Let me know if that sorts it out for ya.

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31 minutes ago, PsiWarp said:

Tap-hold may be inverted in your settings.

Confirmed that "Invert Tap-Hold" was NOT turned on, besides I hold E to throw my glaive, so I know tap-hold generally works normally.

So still no joy, maybe I'll get it sorted out this weekend...

Also, I don't use any macros (OS or keyboard).

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