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Alternate Polarities


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So, I was sitting here and thinking about build variety, and ways to encourage it, which inevitably lead back to forma, and how it lends itself to encourage "the one true way" at the moment. "If only there was something forma could do to improve builds, other than just allow you to pile on more mods, that would certainly help build variety!"


And thusly, I propose to you Tenno, variant polarities!


So what are variant polarities?


Variant polarities are alternate polarities, based off the standard V, D, *scratch*, and - polarities.


So what do variant polarities actually do?


Variant polarities have alternate effects on the modcard, still based on the basic system of "gains if the polarities match, losses if they do not".


An example variant polarity is a green scratch polarity, which increases the power efficiency of any ability cards placed on it, but increases the mod point cost of non-ability mods.


Another example could be an alternate v slot that increases the power of matching mods, by effectively increasing it's rank, while effectively reducing the rank of unmatching mods.


So why should variant polarities exist?


Did the above get you to start thinking about how to revamp your build? If so, you have your answer.


Build variety is improved by providing real options, and these new polarities would be one of them. It would also make forma more useful in of that it can provide access to these new polarities.

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I think people would still min max pretty easily with the new variable. I think there needs to be different playstyles that are viable. Like crit/rainbow/crowd control as seperate play styles.

People will min max no matter what. All I'm thinking is that this idea will produce more high efficiency builds, rather than, forma forever, slap on damage/multishot, crit or rainbow as is more efficient.

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