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Lost several lith relics (including upgraded)


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I was playing a extractor mission on mars, on the map "Augustus"

The host got spooked after a death, and ran to extraction, then the timer ended right as I was about to enter extraction...

End result was a rewards screen that was totally empty, not even my equipped weapons were shown.

My 4 relics were eaten.

But the thing still showed I played 23 minutes.

Then the game kinda force-kicked me out of the session, then I was in a 3-player squad, but as soon I wrote in the chat, the squad disappeared (without any mesasges of it disbanding or people leaving)

Then when I went to  check the "last mission", it showed me a still wrong screen, now with 20 minutes instead.

Seriously, this was my first lith relic run, where I deliberately tried to open several relics... I even opened some rare stuff. It is really sad to lose it all and lose all the time played 😞



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