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Computer overheating


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HI, I have a problem that I hope someone can help me with. Up until recently warframe worked really well and caused no trouble. But after some sort of update at some point in the recent month I noticed that it quickly begins to overheat my computer and eats a lot of my RAM. My vsynic is on and setting are almost at a minimal. My laptop has intel core i5 8gb RAM, and geforce gtx 850m.

Please help, because I cant play like that anymore.

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Probably not specific to warframe, can happen to most games and stress tests like Prime95 (CPU) and Furmark (GPU). Maybe clean out the computer from dust.

Some Nvidia GPU in laptops have low temperature limit and might have the same problem as others.

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if it overheats try cleaning

vacuum cleaner @ ventilation holes 

if the overheating stays go to a pc shop ask get a quote for cleaning and repasteing (or use a tutorial with your model at ur own risk) (arctic mx4 is cheap and good costs ~6€) 

(if the quote more $100 ask an other store depends if they have to take apart the hole can take up to 1:30h) 


8gb gb is minimum if you have the browser and other stuff in the background its even harder for your notebook 


Most notebooks have 2 ram slots others have only 1 dimm or soldered on memory (check with your model if its upgradeable) most have a compartment on the back with 1 screw with a memory symbol on it ( looks like a ruler )

 if it can be upgraded to 16gb and want to upgrade (if you have 1x 8gb and get a second dimm that matches the specs if you have like most systems 2x 4 replace them put the old ones on ebay if you have no longer warrenty)

if cpu = i5 4xxx get a ddr3 1600 cl9 so-dimm the 2x8gb  hyperx ones (the cheapest currently) cost 66€ in my region

if cpu  = i5 6xxx 7xxx 8xxx  or newer get ddr4 2400 cl14 so-dimm 2x8 costs ~75€ in my region 

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Am 22.1.2020 um 01:23 schrieb IanLuminus:

Please tell me you're joking. Vacuum cleaners create static electricity. You're advising the person to destroy their computer.

I never saw a Vaccum killing a PC when its cleaned with it even with a conductive vaccum head

Next thing u tell me that putting motherboards in the dishwasher and letting them completely dry in the oven @ 60°C kills them to

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