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Hotfix 10.2.1


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Hotfix 10.2.1*


- Fix for issues with retrying the rank 7 – 8 mastery tests.
- Fix for issues after failing the rank 9 mastery test not allowing successful retrials.
- Fix for issues with rank 10 – 11 mastery not informing players of failure.
- Fix for Torid’s cloud not using energy colour.
- Fixed Twin Vipers having redundant flashlight.
- Fix for after a migration during a duel players will be repeatedly teleported out of the duel arena
- Fixed Twin Gremlins having a flashlight on your off-hand weapon.
- Fixed Dera Muzzle flash offset.
- Fixed NPCs potentially falling through floor when activating panic-button.
- Fix for context action button in Dojo reading file path instead of “X”.
- Fix for unresponsive UI in certain cases of leaving and joining sessions.
- Fix for not being able to accept invite-only game sessions from clan members who weren’t on friends list.

*For more information about Hotfixes, Content Updates, and Warframe, SEE HERE: https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/115254-warframe-content-updates-moved-to-wednesdays/

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My Banshee just glitched while doing Sound Quake before the update.


I was stuck in void until the team finished ;S


Seems like I pressed ability 1 and 4 at once making her glitch or something, the animation kept going for like 5 times as long as usual, then I was stuck to the floor on all 4.

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