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- Fix for unresponsive UI in certain cases of leaving and joining sessions.


I still have problems with this. If, of course, it is what i think it is. When trying to join online sessions, game works fine, however, when trying to create an online session (no group availible to join) and I press the "Play Now" button, the countdown begins as normal. When hitting 2 or 1 the screen goes darker as it should, but then I get redirected back to selection. But I can't press anything, except for "Play Now", which repeates the process. Only way for me to get out of this, is to simply shut down the game. I havn't been able to play Online in several months.


EDIT: Tried today again. Didn't wor. When I had it restarted, I treid again, but never pressed "Play Now" hich resulted in me being able ot get out of the selection, go into every other tab (Arsenal, Contacts, Market, Foundry). However, I was still stuck on the selected area. I couldn't change play mode, I couldn't change place to play at but i could log out. Logging in resulted in still being stuck until I shut down the game

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If you have to add mods in order to keep up with players who speed run all the time, I think that's a problem. Both with the player community and with a game design that lacks any real incentive for closer cooperation among squadmates. I've previously stated my opinion on the lack of cooperation among squadmates here.


Yeah I have to agree; people (even people I usually consider to be my "friends") have no patience and no sympathy. Sometimes I try to swipe the data module on mobile defense missions just so that people have no choice but to give a damn whether or not I'm caught up with them.


I just don't understand why people get into grinding mode and don't give a crap about the game or the surroundings or finding stuff; once they get past rank 4 or so and have all the basic mods you can get from the environment, it seems they just want to blaze through missions and leave the sight-seers behind.


Hey, I get it, there's a time and a place. If we're doing a tough alert or a timed mission, I don't mess around. That being said, I wish there was more incentive for 1) people to actually care about their team rather than basically just be using each other to affect enemy spawn numbers or frame abilities and 2) more incentive to explore levels, break stuff open and kill stray enemies.


The derelict nav coords really helped out ... for about 2 days. Once everyone got Nekros they went back to not caring about the game environment and speeding through everything. I don't see the point; if you're going to do that it seems the game could just be all gray polygons with no texture or advanced lighting and no need for story or sound ... if you're just going to zip through crap 100% of the time, why play?


P.S. Regarding Nav Coords, I'm hopeful that, besides mutagen mass, they will add some actual rewards to those and make them relavent again. It's pretty lame to play though a mission and just get jack all at the end; survival and defense are the only two that actually reward you very much, and they're the best way to get Mutagen Mass (20+ per run on Defense to wave 20) so the others seem really pointless.

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