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Massive damage / visual bug with Zato Skin, and Cetus Excal Exalted Umbra Blade


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With the Zato Skin for Excalibur I am noticing that the Exalted Blade Damage Type and Numbers change dramatically depending on if you're using Zato Skin or not regardless of the energy type selected by appearance on the skin itself.


The default Zato skin gives Electricity damage to exalted umbra blade. If changing it to Fire, then on an un-modded exalted blade, it instead shows TOXIN. Not Electricity or Fire.

While in the Simulacrum or Cetus, with a modded Exalted Blade, and a Fire Energy appearance with Zato skin. The damage type in arsenal is reverted to Electric, thus making my Corrosive higher than my heat which should not be.
While in the Orbiter it displays properly the higher heat over the Corrosive.

I have several screenshots with the Zato and Dex skins for Excal Umbra, both using the Mordred Helmet. You can identify by the colour scheme and the body skin. With the backgrounds for where the pictures where taken.

I am uncertain if this is purely a description issue with the numbers or if it actually affects the damage type. I was unable to determine this in Simulacrum EXCEPT FOR the unmodded exalted; is only a display issue. That one where it lists toxin damage, was getting heat damage procs / kills on enemies. So perhaps it's all simply the way the numbers display and not the damages itself? The Dex Skin un-modded on the Orbiter had LESS damage at 452 vs on cetus with 723!?

* Zato with Fire Energy Appearance

* Zato Orbiter Fire Energy Same Mod as below, different damage

* Zato Cetus Fire Energy Same Mod as above, different damage

* Zato Fire Energy Unmodded on Cetus showing Toxin

* Dex Skin Fire Energy on Cetus

* Dex Skin Unmodded Fire Energy on Cetus

* Dex Skin Orbiter (Damage Reduced!?)

* Dex Skin Simulacrum

* Zato Simulacrum un-Modded

* Zato Simulacrum

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