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Illumination is still terrible in Orbiter...


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The lighting seems to have become worse with the release of Empyrean. This is a real shame for several reasons. 

All these new war frames with all the detail poured into their appearances by the devs is going to waste because they look terrible in the external spotlighting. This...miasma...seems to have migrated even into the cockpit itself on PS4, which means I have zero reason now to want to hang out anywhere in my Orbiter to enjoy the view because the colors look terrible, the lighting sucks, and there's no way to turn on the lights and close the thrice-damned ventral canopy. 

The colors do not match between in-game and in-orbiter, with the result that the golds are now green-tinted, and cream is gray. I had (emphasis on the tense, here) my frame colored to Orokin colors in the legacy palette that looked pretty badass. Now, it looks like a sewage truck.

It's very simple. All games use scripts, all scripts require injectors. Only difference between this game's injectors and those made by someone for, say, Fallout 4, is the name of the creator (in terms of the end-use). Lights, particularly those of dynamic nature, use a script. A small script. IF this, THEN that. Sometimes with a conditional WHEN operator in one form or another. Therefore, a light switch that toggles all lighting to pre-Neo-Orbiter status at all stations and areas simultaneously would be a small script. It's not going to break the servers. It's not hard to code. It would add another greeblie for players to play around with in the ship (making it more immersive by default because it's now more interactive) and fix the issue of the colors looking off as well, so two birds with one stone.

Please, DE, get rid of the external lighting in the galley area, and give us a light switch (or slider) to raise the illumination (low-k light so it's warmer--because the depths of outer space are cold, man). Bring back the beauty of Orokin splendor in our Orbiters!

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29 minutes ago, TwoWolves said:

Fallout 4

... Just to point out that using Fallout 4 as an example, that was made by a company that specializes in applying false lighting in all the wrong places, doesn't really serve as a good example...


... And no, Considering that I have all Bethesda games since... "Terminator: Future Shock", or even better, "Elder Scrolls: Arena"... I can guarantee you that "Fallout 4" is no different, and I can only see that as a bad example...


... even though you're probably right in terms of script usage.

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Yeah, the modders do jokingly refer to it as "Bugthesda..." Hadn't considered that. lmao

It really shouldn't take much in the way of engine performance/usage because it's global and not at each station individually. I mean, the Orbiter is not the focus of the game, I get it, but it used to be fun to hang out in and look at all the greeblies and stuff, and now, it's just...bleh. Even with the wear-n-tear slider. Space is cold. We have Kubrow and kavats and whatnot, which require a cabin temp of warmer conditions, and that feeling can be largely imparted through the use of warmer lighting. Why would the Orokin not have light switches? 

Plus, making the Orbiter more detailed means people already curious and on the fence about Warframe are more likely to pick it up because "more interactivity!" The more interactive you make the stuff in the game, the more realism and immersion is experienced. Make the Orbiter pretty again. And I'll point it out as I have in past threads, clean, bright lighting with clean lines and shiny surfaces like the Orokin aesthetic in the void missions implies a subtle psychological undertone of extremely advanced technology. Gives you a weird feeling to stand in something that is ancient and yet, looks brand new. I get some people play it for the grind and the stat-worshipping, but I play it for the aesthetics.

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