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Plague Star Drone Stuck - Location info


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As reported many times, the Plague Star drone gets stuck on the way to the boil, forcing extraction. I've seen it get stuck twice in this location (under my map indicator - you can see the whole team piled up there trying to get the thing to move). 


Here's what it looks like from the viewpoint of its destination.


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yes this has happened every run Ive been on so far so I have just been making sure to go with a loki or Nova as their powers seem to be the only way to counteract the tracking that grounds it on the hillside and makes it so you are unable to continue the mission.

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10 hours ago, sam686 said:

Happened to me, 2 times so far, both times able to get it unstuck.

Crouch, go under the drone, then while under the drone, stand up (no crouch).

Happens to other users.

That works? No way. Well, I'll try it if it happens again. I usually just go to extraction. 

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