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Uhm...Sort of a new warframe player



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I don't know about the best build, but you can get mods by doing missions (enemies drop mods).

Hmm, but in the beginning, if you put damage mod (Serration example) and two elemental mods (electric + toxin = corrosive for Grineer enemies and cold + electric = magnetic for Corpus enemies ) nothing can go wrong. You will learn about right build and get better mods as you progress the game.

  Welcome to Warframe! ❤️


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You'll find that building near anything in this game will have the same formula.
Damage, Multishot, Element mods for Toxin and Electric to make corrosive..
If the weapon has a status above 30%, you can make it a status weapon,
If it has a crit chance above 20% you can make it a crit weapon.
Maybe some fire rate if there's room.
If it sucks after that, it just sucks forever, and there's almost nothing to redeem it.
Our options are mostly false advertising as a result.
Either conform to this meta, or you will be considered a blight and a leech by everyone else who wants, "the best option."

Have fun.

Basically, keep your head down until you have Inaros with an Arca Plasmor,
then lord it over others when you're bored of the same thing every game.
That seems to be the best option.

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