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Fortress of Ice (Music)


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Way back for Tenno Tunes Vol. 4, I submitted a song called Atomic Instability inspired by Nova. I said that I was hoping to do more of these, and have finally gotten around to it! I am working through a total of 11 tracks built this way, and over the next few weeks I'm hoping to post some more onto my Soundcloud as I touch them up. Eventually I'll make some Album Art too but I'm not quite there yet...

To make these, I choose a synthesizer for each Warframe ability, and then change their patterns in the same order that they would upgrade in-game. I also try to add something related to the Warframe's passive, which may be another synthesizer but might be something else. Unlike the Tenno Tunes entry there is no use of any Warframe assets, it's all original by me.

Once they are all done I will package them up and offer it as a (free) album on my Bandcamp website.

Next up is Fortress of Ice, inspired by Frost:


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Thanks for the positive feedback - it seriously means a lot!

22 hours ago, TearsOfTomorrow said:

Oh by the way

Any chance we could get a link to this, or to the original topic in which you had posted it?

There were a lot of really good entries to Tenno Tunes Vol. 4 - I'd suggest checking some of the other stuff out too!


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