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Equinox Prime dress skirt cloth glitches


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Empyrean Update made it worse for Equinox Prime, like I wrote long ago, in wich her cloth skirt clips trough the floor. Does DE staff take a look at NSW Art and Animations Bug Report section?

Equinox Prime skirt Glitch 1

Equinox Prime`s Night Form drapes occasionally bends upwards.

Equinox Prime Skirt Archwing glitch

Also, her skirt stretches abnormally while in Archwing. 
Update: I found out this happens to other warframes like Wisp and Ivara Prime. This needs to be fixed fast on the PC version, then on consoles

Also, anything that dangles on Warframes in general , like Chroma`s tail and Equinox`s dress, droop a bit when Archwing Afterburner is on.

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