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Railjack Avionic/Component Modularity Suggestion


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Since the last patch, when looted reactors had their avionic capacity values tweaked (for the better), it made me realize that avionic capacity is very unbalanced compared to flux capacity, and that there really isn't much of a reason to choose a reactor with high flux and low avionics.  Meanwhile, usually Zekti avionics are the clear, best choice for integrated avionics, given that they usually have a higher max rank than Lavan or Vidar.  There are exceptions to this rule, of course, but only a few that I've noticed.  What I am about to suggest is intended to bring a bit of balance to that situation, while hopefully also expanding the options players have for equipping their railjacks at the same time.

What I am suggesting is based around the idea of making integrated avionics of a specific house work better and more efficiently when used with components from the same house.  So, for instance, let's use the Conic Nozzle integrated avionic as an example.  Currently, the Lavan version of Conic Nozzle gives the best boost to your engine speed and has the most ranks possible, with Zekti coming in second and Vidar being the worst.  Meanwhile, Lavan engines tend to be garbage.  They have the best boost multiplier, but because their normal cruising speed is so low, they end up being completely outclassed by Vidar engines.

So, let's say we use the Lavan Conic Nozzle with a Lavan engine.  This would create a matched set that does two things:  first, it significantly reduces the avionics cost to slot Conic Nozzle because the avionic is being used on equipment it was designed to be used with.  Second, it would boost the performance of the engine to make its boost speed more comparable with the Vidar engine (while leaving its standard cruising speed alone).  So, you end up with a cheaper build that performs a little better than it would have otherwise, possibly giving you a reason to slot a Lavan engine AND freeing your avionics points up a bit so that you might choose something that isn't a Vidar reactor.

What if you mix the Lavan Conic Nozzle with a Vidar (or Zekti) engine?  Then it works exactly as it does now.  You pay full price for slotting the avionic, and you get no bonus to the engine's performance.  It's the price you pay for having the best version of the avionic and the best (or second best) part.

What if you slot a Vidar Conic Nozzle (i.e. the worst version of the avionic) with a Vidar engine?  In this case, you would get a smaller reduction to avionic slot cost (since it already costs less) and a smaller boost to the engine's cruising speed (since it already has the highest cruising speed).

Similar things could be done with integrated avionics like Hyperstrike, Predator, Maxima, etc. - any integrated avionic that specifically affects a component on the Railjack that you can swap out.

What about integrated avionics like Bulkhead, that don't affect a part we can change?  No changes to these avionics - they work as they currently do.

What about turrets?  We have two slots for those.  Bonuses would scale based on whether you have one or both turret slots using the same house.  So, if you're using Zekti Hyperstrike and both turret slots are Zekti, you get full benefits.  If only one turret slot is Zekti, then half benefits - you get a smaller reduction in avionics slot cost and only the Zekti turret receives a damage boost.


So, to sum up, what I am suggesting is this:

1.  Matching an integrated avionic's house to the house of the part it affects (engines, turrets, and shields) always provides a bonus that scales with the avionic cost/part quality, possibly giving players a reason to try to form matched sets and use something other than the best possible part and the best possible avionic.

2. Mixing and matching houses between avionics and parts works as it does now.

3. Integrated avionics that affect anything other than engines, turrets, or shields work as they do now.

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