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Can't select Stance Mod for Plague Keewar Strike (IGNORE)


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New player, so I can't rule out I've missed something, but I think I have a bug.

After a pretty intense grind today with Plague Star, I crafted my first zaw with the following components:

  • Strike: Plague Keewar
  • Grip: Plague Bokwin
  • Link: Ruhang

The "Reaping Spiral" stance mod (for scythes) should be selectible from the mod screen, but it isn't.  The mod screen for the zaw shows no stance mods, and no stance mod filter.

My only guess here is that maybe it's being considered a staff (but why?). As I have no staff stance mods, nothing shows up?


Edit: Turns out I used a 2-handed grip instead of a 1-handed grip, and that matters. *sigh*

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